How To Pick Keywords

Choosing the right keywords

 One of the most important factors in SEO is picking the right keywords or keyphrases. Most people attempt to target far too competitive words, when really what they should be looking at are more ‘long tail’ phrases with much less competition.

Attempting to target high competition or the incorrect phrases is a sure fire way to SEO frustration, and in turn your site will struggle to gain any kind of ranking. So the big question is how do you choose the right keywords?


How Relevant Are They – You should be choosing keywords that are relevant to your niche, product or service. The better you do at this the more success you are likely to have with converting visitors into buyers. .


Amount Of searches – Look for keywords that are actually being searched for. The higher the search volume the better chance you have of people landing on your website, providing you rank well in the SERPS.


How Competitive? – First off, it’s probably a good idea to go for keywords that actually do not get many searches. Although this will not bring a flood of visitors to your site, it will gain a trickle, and these days just having people landing on your site gains something called click through rate or more commonly known as (CTR) and this is one of the best ranking factors recognised by Google.

An Example
Let’s take a website ( sells pro bikes for keen cyclists. They have a budget of a few hundred pounds per month to start driving traffic to their website. Lets take a look at the options open to them in terms of keywords.
Bikes – This is too broad a keyword. The people looking for this keyword could be looking for any aspect of bikes or cycling from mountain bikes, cheap bikes, motor bikes etc. As a result not only would the amount of people searching this keyword likely be tiny in terms of the amount of people actually looking for your product, attempting to compete with the number one website that ranks for this term would be near impossible.
Racing –Again this is far too broad a term and doesn’t have enough specific targeting in order to bring the relevant people to the site that are likely to purchase from the company.
Racing Bikes – This is a better keyword to target. Although it is a broad search term it is much more likely to be searched for by people looking for the kind of thing that the website sells, although for the budget of a few hundred pounds a month might still prove a little difficult to rank for.


Professional Racing Bikes – This would be a great keyword to go for. It is very targeted towards people looking specifically for what they sell and for the budget that the business has, likely to rank well in google in order get in front of the right amount of buyers.


Buy A Professional Racing Bike – This is now just about the perfect keyword. Its laser targeted towards people looking for exactly what the website has to offer and because it’s a long tail keyword is likely to have much less competition but still enough search volume to get sufficient searches per month to generate a good financial return on their seo budget.


So many website owners get caught up in trying to rank for super broad terms and in turn start a constant and frustrating battle with trying to get their seo budget to generate a return.


So the bottom line os rather than going for phrases that get thousands of monthly searches, they will actually be far better off targeting lower search phrases but ones that also get far more targeted traffic and in return are far more likely to generate a return on investment.


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